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Our Mission

To create a collection of resources based in real-life entrepreneurship to help American business owners succeed and become sustainable job creators. 

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurship is a science. Like any science, it’s constantly evolving. Professional business training has its place, but the boots-on-the-ground experience of entrepreneurship rarely fits within the “textbook” cases. As a result, many business owners feel lost when faced with unique challenges and crisis situations. The best resource for those struggling to succeed in business is the true-to-life stories of entrepreneurs who have found solutions to the complex issues facing businesses today.

Our Programs

Starting with First Dollar Feeling: Stories from the Trenches of Small Business – discover all of the resources available from The First Dollar Feeling Program!


First Dollar Feeling: Stories from the Trenches of Small Business

From marketing and navigating trends to building a company culture that promotes loyalty, and finding a great business mentor – First Dollar Feeling: Stories from the Trenches of Small Business walks you through the foundations of business success. Entrepreneur, freelance journalist, and author Erika Heeren shares the stories of nine unique business owners to offer case studies for practical application of the business ideas discussed throughout the book. Whether you are struggling in your business, or looking to scale – there’s something for every business owner in First Dollar Feeling.

First Dollar Feeling
Cash Flow Budget Tool


The First Dollar Feeling Cash Flow Budget Template

Managing cash flow is one of the biggest issues facing small business owners. However, a surprising number of entrepreneurs don’t know how to properly plan for cash flow. This leads to poor decisions on spending and saving for business growth. We’ve put together an easy-to-use cash flow budget planner to help you gain a better understanding of where you business stands today, and how to get back to a place of growth.


The First Dollar Feeling Business Plan Workbook

If you’re struggling with your vision, or if you’re looking for funding – a business plan is a great place to start. Many business owners struggle with the business planning process because they think it’s an intensive, time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be! We’ve created an easy-to-use workbook and templates for a basic 3-page business plan and a more comprehensive business plan for entrepreneurs seeking outside funding.

The First Dollar Feeling Business Plan Workbook
The First Dollar Feeling Bookstore


The First Dollar Feeling Bookstore

If you loved First Dollar Feeling, you’ll love these reading recommendations. There’s something for every stage of business and growth concern.


The First Dollar Feeling Mentorship & Support Community

A core component of the First Dollar Feeling program is mentor relationships and finding support from your fellow entrepreneurs. We know that’s not easy to develop without a little help. So, we’ve put together a group of organizations and resources to help you find the support you need.

The First Dollar Feeling Community
Stories from the Trenches: First Dollar Feeling


Tales from the Trenches

The journey doesn’t end with First Dollar Feeling: Stories from the Trenches of Small Business. Author Erika Heeren is always on the lookout for compelling stories from the small business community. Read the stories, get the insights, and submit your own story for publication!