Email marketing is still a popular (and effective) strategy for small businesses. It’s a great way to tailor your content for specific groups, and actively connect with them directly.

However, there is the dreaded spam folder. Nobody likes to see their hard-earned content go to the waste basket!

Research shows that over 70% of emails are considered junk or spam mail. To make your time and monetary investment worthwhile, you need to beat those odds. Here are three ways you can create a more effective email strategy.

Email Marketing Tip #1: Get Friendly With Your Data

As a business owner, you have to learn to love your data!

With the help of digital market research, you can reduce the risk of campaigns, and maximize ROI by effectively targeting the RIGHT audience. You can also make quick adjustments as the campaign matures based on that data.

The problem for many business owners is that it can be overwhelming to sort through the information and determine which points actually add value toward your goals?

A good starting point is to gather enough data to give you clear understanding of your audience’s behaviors, job titles, buying habits, location, and household income. If you find yourself at a loss as to how to obtain and sort through this information, I have a quick course designed to help get you get started.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

This seems pretty standard, right? You’d be surprised.

One common mistake I see with small business clients is that they use a one-size-fits-all template for their emails. They simply send out different versions of the same blast to a fairly diverse audience. Then, they find themselves frustrated that they only get positive responses from a segment of that audience.

Knowing this, a more effective approach is to track which parts of your list respond well to the “old” template, and section out the rest for a different approach.

Remember, different parts of your audience absorb information differently. You may find that one segment responds extremely well to video, while another enjoys a more traditional text-based read.  Meet your unique audience where they are, and give them the information that they actually need in a format that makes sense to them.

Not sure where to start? See my first recommendation! Market research should be the foundation on which you build your campaigns.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Adjust…Often

It may be tempting to take a ‘fix it and forget it’ approach to your email marketing – after all, there is quite a bit of work involved! However, the market changes frequently. New technology, new products or services, and generational shifts are all trends to watch out for.

Keep up to date on your data collection, and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself cast aside for the next new thing.

Of course, regardless of your email marketing strategy, your content needs to be on pointe. If you’re struggling to maximize your content campaigns, First Dollar Feeling offers a core book of interviews and a comprehensive workbook to help you find your way!