For new entrepreneurs, or established business owners, staying on top of marketing trends can feel impossible. If you’re not a marketing expert to begin with, you may feel behind the curve. To make matters worse, when you reach out to a marketing professional to help you – you may not fully understand what you’re buying, whether it’s necessary, and if it’s even working.

In addition to being the author of First Dollar Feeling, I own a marketing agency with a focus on small business clientele – The Small Business Marketing Studio. I encourage my clients and colleagues looking to start a small business to invest in marketing training before engaging the services of a third party company.

My philosophy behind this approach is to empower the business owner to

Get started with these FREE resources:

Google Skillshop – focus on the Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads courses. You can build from there with the rest of the GSuite resource group, but the three I mentioned are must-know for every business owner.

Facebook Blueprint – There is a lot of gray area surround the question “What’s the best way to use Facebook and Instagram for business?” The reality is, the platform changes so fast, by the time third party course providers catch up – the game has already changed. The best way to get the most current information is to go straight to the source. Facebook has a comprehensive training program for business owners in their Facebook Blueprint program. It is free, and it covers best practices for Facebook and Instagram.

Linkedin Marketing Training – LinkedIn is a must-use for B2B business owners. While not as comprehensive as Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn has a similar training program that can help you learn how to use the platform correctly for optimum results.

SEO Basics with Moz – If you really want to know the ins and outs of a comprehensive, successful digital marketing strategy – Moz has a great beginner SEO course. Again, this is free and very large-scope.

Insights for Your Small Business with First Dollar Feeling

For more “boots on the ground” insight and ideas on marketing small business, check out First Dollar Feeling. I have stories from entrepreneurs in different industries as well as my own personal expertise on the subject.

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