What Do You Do When the Passion Dies?

Do you remember your first customer? Do you remember that incredible moment when someone believed in your idea enough to purchase your product or service? It left you filled with a thrilling sense of excitement and pride. It was the moment your business dreams finally became real.

It’s that first dollar feeling.

For novice business owners, that high may last for the first couple of years. Inevitably, experience breeds the understanding that the idealism of entrepreneurship has a short shelf life. The long haul of small business ownership is often fraught with struggle and uncertainty. In the current COVID-centric environment, even the most seasoned entrepreneurs have faced business-altering upsets that threaten the very foundation of their companies. As a business owner, you may find yourself asking:

What happens when business ownership stops being fun?

What happens when my business doesn’t make enough money to feed my family?

What should I do when a “positive mindset” doesn’t fix the issue?

What happens when the “freedom of being my own boss” turns into a prison of my own making?

What happens when I want to give up?

First Dollar Feeling¬†explores the real-life stories of nine different American business owners. Each entrepreneur shares the unfiltered account of their struggles, triumphs, and what they’ve learned along the way.

This book is a life preserver for the overwhelmed business owner looking for tested, innovative, and actionable strategies to navigate the uncertain world of entrepreneurship.

From marketing strategies and advice on funding to surviving a recession and reinventing your business model – learn from the people who have been where you are today and found a way to succeed.

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