The most valuable sentences of your content strategy lie in your mission statement.

I want you to stop and think about your favorite brands. Why are they your favorites?  Why do you spend your hard-earned money with these brands? Most likely, the reason you remain so loyal to these companies is because of who they are, and what they represent. Their core values are what keep you coming back for more. 

Your business is no different. Your values, and how you present those values, are what will attract and engage your fans. This is why your mission statement is so critical. 

A mission statement explains your reason for existence. Who you are, what you do, and your overall intentions as a company. 

Before you simply slap together a robotic paragraph about what your business sells on the surface, let’s take a look at the main components of an effective mission statement.

Mission Statement Must-Have #1: It’s Short.

You’re probably really excited about the values and mission of your company, and that’s great! You’ll have plenty of opportunity to expand on your mission statement through a comprehensive content strategy.

Your mission statement is the backbone of that strategy. It needs to be direct, and to the point. I recommend that your mission statement be one paragraph or just a couple sentences. A good rule of thumb is to read your draft statement out loud. If it takes more than 30 seconds, it’s too long.

Mission Statement Must-Have #2: It’s Comprehensive

This is where things get tricky. You want to be direct, but you also want to cover a lot of ground in those few sentences. Your mission statement needs to address the major questions people have about your business. 

      • You need to address:
      • Who are you (your business)?
      • What do you do?
      • What problem to you solve?
      • What unique feature do you bring to your market?
      • Why does it matter to me (your customer)?

Mission Statement Must-Have #3: It’s Authentic

Buzzwords are not going to keep your fans focused on your brand. You’re looking for long-term rules and reminders for yourself, and your team. You need to focus on the unique elements that you can demonstrate to your fans as your business grows. 

It needs to be a statement you believe in. Otherwise, your customers and your team will soon realize the discrepancy and ‘abandon ship’. While your mission statement can be fluid as your business grows, it needs to be the root of every action you take as you progress through every facet of your company. 

It needs to be authentic and clearly identifiable with your brand.

First Dollar Feeling is full of resources and insights to help with your mission, value, and vision statements – and how you can incorporate them into your overall strategy for maximum impact.